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Animazione immagini progetti studio zironi architetti
Intrecci sciarpa in cotone e alpaca
Progetto NBIKE bicicletta elettrica ebike mobilita sostenibile

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About us

Our pledge is work every day for better and healthier solutions. We built healthy environments for life, promoting natural and healty building materials.

We design thinking to people will live our projects. Environmental health certification improve indoor air quality and cut down indoor pollutions. Large bright spaces drives human circadian rhythms. Bringing plants and nature into architecture turn on human biophilia by helping with therapeutic effect.

Our work is for product and architecture useful for people, sustainable for environment and economically profitable.

With our experience on digital fabrication and 3D modeling we develop industrial product design. Furniture, textile design or sustainable mobility as e-bikes and mechanical parts made by computer numerical control (CNC) machines are just some of the challenges we take in.

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Zironi Architetti
Via Senzanome, 17/A
40123, Bologna, Italia
T +39.051.0404935

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Zironi Architetti.
Architettura, design & healthy buildings.

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